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Hitachi Systems provides true one-stop services covering all areas of the IT life cycle: from system consulting, to building, installation, operation, and maintenance.

Hitachi Systems, Ltd.


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August 25, 2015 Hitachi Systems acquires Above Security, a global IT security service provider in Canada
To accelerate global development of Hitachi’s managed security service and security consulting businesses
May 21, 2015 CBT Has Officially Become Hitachi Systems CBT
The acquisition of the Italian system integrator has been completed.
Feb 20, 2015 Hitachi Systems Acquires CBT, Italian IT Service Company to Enter European IT Market
Operating a business of managed services, cloud services and DC services in European IT markets
Nov 5, 2014 Hitachi Systems Acquires Singapore Company 'I-Net group' for IT Business Expansion
Bolstering IT Infrastructure Managed Services Business in Southeast Asia
Jul 31, 2014 Hitachi Sunway Positions as Powerhouse in Data Center Market
〔Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Sdn. Bhd.〕
Jul 30, 2014 Hitachi Systems and Sunway Technology to Acquire Malaysia's IT companies for Further Business Expansion
Bolstering DC-Related Business in Southeast Asia
Apr 16, 2014 Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Launches in India
Expanding the IT Services Business by Creating Synergy and Leveraging the Knowhow of the Two Companies
Apr 15, 2014 Hitachi Systems to make an Investment into iAPPS Pte Ltd. in Singapore to Enhance Smart Intelligence
Feb 26, 2014 Hitachi Systems to Enter Indian IT Market Through Acquisition of Leading Indian IT Services Company
Acquisition to Obtain Business Platform in India and Build Value Chain, Leveraging Synergies between Both Companies
Dec 2, 2013 Hitachi to Reorganize IP Telephony-related Products Business for Information & Telecommunication Systems Company
Oct 23, 2013 Hitachi, Hitachi Systems and TEPCO Conclude Share Transfer Agreement and Shareholders Agreement for Strategic Business Alliance Relating to Information Systems Services
Aug 6, 2013 Hitachi Systems and A&D to Cooperate in the Healthcare Field
Plan to Test “Cloud-based Lifestyle Improvement Support Service” with Thousands of Hitachi Group Employees
July 17, 2013 Hitachi Systems, Hitachi Sunway Information Systems and e-Lock Announce Cooperation To Provide Web Security Solutions Using WebALARM in Japan and Southeast Asia
Jun 12, 2013 Hitachi Asia Introduces “SAP Business One” to the Specialist of Selection and Procurement of Water Treatment Equipment, Niimi
Delivered to Niimi’s Singapore Subsidiary Approx. 2 Months After Order in Cooperation with Hitachi Systems
Apr 17, 2013 Hitachi Sunway Information Systems Poised for Aggresive Expansion in Southeast Asia
New Joint Venture Company Aims to Bolster IT Service Business by Utilizing Business Platforms and State-of-the-Art Technologies
Mar 6, 2013 Hitachi Systems and Sunway Technology of Malaysia Establish IT Services Joint Venture
Leveraging Customer Base, Technology and Expertise of Both Companies to Enhance IT Services in Southeast Asia
Mar 5, 2013 Hitachi Systems Launches a Global Micro Data Center Model for Indoor Installation
Existing Model Enhanced to Reduce the Price Dramatically, and with Redundant  Air Conditioning to Withstand External Temperatures of 45℃
Feb 13, 2013 Hitachi Systems Conducts Data Center Training in Tokyo for Myanmar IT Engineers
Contribute to the Development of Myanmar’s IT Infrastructure
Nov 26, 2012 Hitachi Systems Acquires U.S. Software Firm Cumulus Systems
Strengthens Platform and Virtualization Businesses for Data Centers and Cloud Services Platforms
Oct 25, 2012 Hitachi to Launch Sales of Secure Data collaboration Middleware “HULFT” in Malaysia and Singapore
Jul 5, 2012 Hitachi Systems Establishes Singapore Business Base
Strengthens Business Structure in Southeast Asia
May 7, 2012 “Facility & IT Management Service” for Data Center Design, Construction and Management Launched
Offering a one-stop service from facilities installation to IT systems operation for companies operating data centers or server rooms
Oct 6, 2011 Hitachi Systems launches “GNEXT” Global IT Service Brand
Enhanced solution menu, partners, focusing on China and Southeast Asia region One-stop support for customers’ global business operations
Oct 1, 2011 Launch of Hitachi Systems, Ltd.
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Hitachi Systems provides true one-stop services covering all areas of the IT life cycle: from system consulting, to building, installation, operation, and maintenance.